Basement Registry Information

As a service to Hockley county, the Hockley County Amateur Radio Club and Hockley County ARES is providing a way to register the location of your storm shelter.

If a severe tornadic event were to occur, the likelyhood of debris and other rubble obscuring the entrance to a basement or shelter is high. If severe enough of an event, it may not be possible to visually locate a shelter or determine if one even existed in a given place. This would delay rescue attempts. Being found quickly is critical to survival in such a catastrophe. Having a location registered with public safety will aid responders in the location, rescue and recovery if such an event were to occur. Having a precise location of the basement or shelter and its entrance, first responders or search and rescue personnel will be more likely to ascertain possible survivors in the unlikely event of natural disaster.

We have a registration form you can use to submit your information over the web. We ask you to provide GPS coordinates of the ENTRANCE to the shelter. If you would prefer, you may contact us and we will be glad to send someone out to your location and obtain GPS data and other information in person. PLEASE NOTE: this service is for HOCKLEY COUNTY ONLY. We will not register a location outside of Hockley county.

Your information will be forwarded to Hockley County public safety agencies and maintained securely on file. The information will not be released to anyone outside of public safety agencies (Sheriff, Police, Fire and Emergency Medical Services).

Audio is from emergency services radio of Joplin, Missouri tornado 5/22/2011