This page is intended to provide a little education in order to help more people aware of what is going on inside the clouds. It is our hope that you will be able to learn and in turn, be a bit more aware of what is approaching and the necessary steps or cautions you need to take. This is a work in progress.

Class is now in session!

Classic Supercell
This type of cell is what produces the tornadic events, severe hail, copious amounts of rain and high wind. The flanking line is a marker for energy inflow to the main structure. An "anvil" (the semi-flattened disc area near the top) indicates there is a powerful updraft and good organization to the structure. The "knuckled" appearance of the edges of this disc are another indicator of the strength of the updraft. It is as if the cloud rose up and hit a ceiling, causing it to spread outward. The real indicator is the protruding mass that is above the anvil called an "overshooting top". This indicates not only the location of the main updraft, but it tells that the updraft is strong enough to punch through the anvil.

Wind Dynamics & Flows
Shown here, is how the updrafts, winds and energy interact with each other in order to form a supercell and the sometimes resultant tornado.